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Monday, November 18, 2013

Time as an Element: Final

This project asked students to incorporate the concept of “Time“ as an element into their art. How they decided to accomplish this and the media was totally selected by the student.

The piece above is a zoetrope which when spun, animates the construction of a NC light house.

This interactive work of art encourages the view to draw or write in the sand with watercolor paint an issue  or trouble they are experiencing in their life. The running water soon erases whatever was written. Time heals all wounds.

Over the years, the American flag has changed many times yet each time the change was significant at that moment. This painting on canvas incorporates all the different flags at once in order to project that concept.

Created with photo transfer and acrylic, this works anthropomorphizes the hibernation sequence of a stuffed bear and his shopping adventures at FoodLion.

Washing hands after each fight causes the soap to become smaller and smaller as it dissolves over time with each use.

As the road vanishes into the distance it takes with it the future. This drawing displays time as first, a black and white image as it morphs into the modern day and beyond.

Many years later, the same moment is captured in this photograph as a modern day recreation.

Through the hourglass, tiny beads fall. Each bead contains the date from a receipt. Each receipt was saved over time and symbolizes the importance, or lack thereof, of the purchase.

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