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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mr Sands First Quarter Check

Wow! We've completed our first quarter! And yes, this is the first quarter for all of us. For Ms Sudkamp and Ms Purtee it is their first quarter teaching at Apex! For Ms Rossi, this is the first year Apex has had an AP class, a tremendous accomplishment. For myself, this is my first year teaching Art Three.

I believe firmly that one of the best ways to grow and improve is to periodically look at where one has come from and set goals towards where one would like to go. With that in mind, I would like to share two of the things I have learned and suggest places I could improve.

Areas of Growth:

1. Though I have always leaned heavily in the direction, this is the first time I have placed emphasis on "choice" in the art room when planning lessons. It is exciting to see the variety of projects,  media and expressions the kids are coming up with. I want to continue to encourage  this in my program as I believe it bolsters authentic art making.

2. This year has opened my eyes to the many different planning styles of the students. While some are upfront planners making lists and creating thumbnails, others need to experiment with material before they decide on a direction. I am learning to be more open to the different needs of my students and to adjust accordingly.

Areas for Improvement:

1. The more students know what materials are available to them, the more creative they will be with their projects. I need to do a better job of educating students to the materials available as well as make sure there is a system for retrieving and returning these supplies.

2. There is an amazing amount of information that we can obtain and  synthesize as a team. I need to do a better job of capturing, distributing and fostering discussions.

These are my areas of growth and improvement. I would encourage you to consider writing two of each for yourself. If you feel comfortable, send them out to your group. If your not comfortable sharing, that's ok too but I would still encourage you to try this exercise.

Here's to a great first semester!

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