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Monday, September 27, 2010

Art One Stalkers

After seeing some of Brooklyn street artist Katie Sokoler's work, we decided to do a little stalking of our own....

Friday, September 24, 2010

What is going on at Apex HS Art! V2.

Art One:

Last week finished our unit on line by creating masking tape murals. Teams collaborated to design and implement tape murals throughout the school. You might have had a chance to see some of the murals if you attend Open House. If not, there are plenty of photos on our blogs.

Later in the week, we set our camera shutter speeds to between 10 and 15 seconds, darkened the art room and cracked open our glow sticks to create drawings with light. Again, we worked with teams to create everything from scenes from Star Wars to writing our names.

At the beginning of this week we finished our value scale portraits. Everyone received a photo of a student for our sister class at Oakridge Secondary school in London, Ontario, Canada. We created rich, shaded portraits and posted them on our Facebook Group page, Opex Art. Later, our sister school will have the chance to return the favor and draw portraits of some of our students.

Also this week we started self portraits. No photos this time, only a mirror and a pencil. They are coming out great. Stay tuned!

In the coming weeks we will create stop motion animations, pastel still life drawings, and the greatly anticipated post-it note murals..

You might want to ask your child more about out sister school in Canada or what they drew for their Postcard assignment.

Visit out joint Apex and Oakridge Facebook page, Opex Art:

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Computer Art and Animation

In the last few weeks we really dug into PhotoShop CS4. We focused on using color, modes and gradients. We created a color wheel by changing the hue and saturation of various objects. As a follow up project, we photographed diet coke and mentos and combined the soda explosions with another photo to create something entirely unexpected.

Next we took a look at how photo-manipulation is used in the world of magazine ads. We explored several photo retouching methods including blemish removal, skin softening and body reshaping.

This week, we have started our first animation project. We are learning basic animation techniques in Adobe Flash CS4. Our fist project has been creating an animating a fish story.

Next week will dive deeper into Flash, learning how to create animations within our animations.

Links to all the student blogs and their work are available on the right hand menu bar of the blog.

Final Self Portraits

A few of the Self Portraits draw in class by looking in a mirror...

Self Portraits

No photos... just mirrors, paper and pencil...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Value Scale Drawing

This week, we drew portraits of the students at our Sister School, Oakridge Secondary school in London, Ontario. Soon, they will return the favor and create drawings of us!

This project was about focusing on shading and using a full range of a value scale.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

PhotoShop Color Wheels

Introduction of color, gradients, modes...

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Blog of the Week!

This week's Blog of the Week goes to Josh.

Check out his blog!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Value Scale Drawings

Art One value scale drawings... shading pictures of people from Oakridge Secondary school in London, Ontario, our sister school!

Don't be afraid of the dark!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Light Drawing

Today our Art One class tried our hand at drawing with light. We set the shutter speed to stay open at about 10 seconds. Next we cracked open some glow sticks and started drawing...

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