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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Vision for Art Education Part One:

This month, After two years and almost 100 articles, I will be stepping down as a contributing writer for the Art of Education. For my send off articles, we thought it would be interesting to run a three part series on a Vision for the Future of Art Ed.

The first part in the series was posted today. It covers a look at where the future of the physical space in the art room should be as well as the way we teach materials and display art. Below are a few excerpts. For the full article click here!

Separation of Studio and Classroom Space

The traditional art room is designed for one function to take place at a time. For example, in the conventional configuration, it would be difficult to teach a lesson to one group of students while other students were walking around the room or working on projects.
Many shop classes have overcome this issue by separating the lesson area from the workspace. Auto tech classes will often have the garage to work on cars and a separate classroom setting for book work.

Stocking the 21st Century Art Room
The art room of the future will need to stock the storage room with materials that go beyond those items listed in the fine art supply catalogues. While the room will still be fully equipped with traditional art supplies such as paint, pastels, and pencils, we need to save room on the other side of the supply closet for materials that will spark the creative imagination of the 21st century artist.

The Future of Art Displays
While the display case and the bulletin board have long been staples of the art class gallery space, the future art teacher needs to consider any space as display space. We need to train our students, as well as ourselves, to break free of the gallery mentality

Stay tuned for Part Two and Three...
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