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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eva Perry Street Art Workshop

Tonight, Mr. Sands hosted a Street Art Workshop at the Eva Perry Library. Despite the rain, we had a good turn out. We looked at a variety of different street art.. everything from Shepard Fairey's stencils  to Buff Diss' tape murals. Then we set out to make a few stencils of our own...

Using a selection of flower images for inspiration, the first step was to draw the image on poster board.

The second step was to cut out the positive space.

 It's important that you don't have any island, circles inside circles, or those pieces will fall out. Always leave connectors!

Since Eva Perry wouldn't let us spray paint their parking lot, we decided to use baby power. Don't sprinkle on too much! Less is more.

It also helps to pat it down a little bit.

The rain finally let up right at the end of the workshop. Even though the ground was wet, we tried a few in the parking lot.

If you're interested giving this project a try, Mr. Sands has made the lesson plan available as a free download on the Art Of Education website. Click here for the lesson plan.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Street Art Workshop at Eva Perry Library

Come out to 
The Street Art Workshop 
at Eva Perry Library 
Tomorrow night, 
Thursday at 7pm - 8PM 

The plan is to take over the parking lot!

LibraryEva Perry Regional Library
WebsiteEva Perry Regional Library
Library Address2100 Shepherd's Vineyard Drive
Apex, NC 27502

AgeGrades 6-10
Contact NameLindsey Dunn

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