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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seven Talking Tigers Singing!

Seven Talking Tigers Singing from iansands on Vimeo.
I received an email from Jordan Lane, a kindergarten teacher at Douglas Elementary Arts and Science Magnet in Raleigh. She asked if our class wanted to collaborate with her class. She had some tigers that needed animating. We pounced on the opportunity.

Soon we were dropboxed a folder full of tiger paintings. Our animators went to work, learning about dialog, selecting songs and setting the tigers to music.

Here are Seven of the Talking Tigers Singing!

Friday, May 24, 2013

It Must Be Friday in Art

You can tell its Fridy in Art when?? 
This is our video submission. 
Enter your Friday in the comments!

Beautiful Landscapes from Art 1

Hannah Siegel, Art 1 2013

Our Art 1 students studied color theory, painting techniques and composition to create these acrylic masterpieces. Each student brought in their own photo as a reference and had fun creating a representational painting.  Just look at all the colors!

 Claire Veeder, Art 1 2013

 Devin Campbell, Art 1 2013

 Luke Kiper, Art 1 2013

 Jessica Bowland, Art 1 2013

 Nina Owens, Art 1 2013

Nicole Karam, Art 1 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Corn Starch Stencils

Our Art History class took a look at street art this week. After viewing work by Peter Gibson Roadsworth, I gave them the optional assignment of testing out stencils on the street using baby powder... only we were out of baby powder so we used corn starch instead. Corn starch and powered cleanser.

We tried a few different methods to see which would work best. Hope you enjoy these photos cause I just heard thunder. I don't think our stencils will be there in an hour from now!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Talking Tiger Sings Old Time Rock and Roll

Talking Tiger Sings Old Time Rock and Roll from iansands on Vimeo.

Talking Tiger Sings Old Time Rock and Roll is a collaborative effort between the kindergarten artists at Douglas Elementary Arts and Science Magnet in Raleigh and the Computer Graphic artists at Apex HS

This is the first song completed. There will be 20 altogether. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Light Costumes

This semester, instead of just tasking my Art One students with creating light drawings, i asked that they create Light Costumes.

Each group had to decided on an iconic figure that they wanted to draw and then, through a combination of free hand drawing and light stencil use, create a light image that reflects their chosen icon. Here are some of their Light costumes!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Art History Carnival 2013!!

Today about 100 students gathered outside Building C for the first annual Art History Carnival here at Apex Art! There were games to be played, prizes to be won and enough sun to keep it fun!! Here is a look at some of the fun and games!

Pop the Pollock was a functioning "ring the bell" type game with a twist! Instead of ringing a bell, the top help a balloon that you needed to pop. Not just a balloon but a water balloon.. and not just a water balloon but a paint balloon. When it splattered, well, there was the Pollock influence.

Andy Warhol Ball: Knock down the soup cans and win a prize. Don't be easily deceived.  Our crafty carnies made sure the cans were not equally weighted  Needless to say, one of our most popular games was also one of the hardest to win!

Other than the fact that the sign mis-spelled Haring, this was a fun game. Try to knock the haring figures off the shelf using a home made rubber band gun.

The classic carnival game, Ballerina Ducks! (Degas reference)

Everyone wanted to win a dinosaur balloon!

Pac Mondrian Twister. You can't touch the black, only the primary colors. good luck with that!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Talking Tigers

Today, the Computer Art class kicked off a lesson about animating dialog. What makes this project interesting is the email I received from Jordan Lane, a kindergarten teacher at Douglas Elementary Arts and Science Magnet in Raleigh. She asked if our class wanted to collaborate with her class. She had some tigers that needed animating.

Check back in about two weeks to see what these tigers will be talking about!

The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In! The critics have spoken about the Apex Dada Exhibit and here is what they have to say...

“It was interesting because it was like anti-art.”
~Miles, The News and Observer

“Hot Grass showed how, if people see something ordinary and it is sparkly, then it seems more appealing.”
~ Sam, The New York times

“The markers coming out of the bottle was an astonishing piece.”
~ Noah, The Washington Post

“Da Toylet represents one of the best inventions which is indoor plumbing.”
~ Nick, Chicago Tribune

“Just an Orange; Stop for a second to see and admire how the piece of trash is just different than your surroundings. Art is the ability to change the thinking of the human mind.”
~ Jesus, The Denver Post

“I liked Mirror, Mirror. It let me truly look at myself.”
~Macie, The Seattle Times

“The Clock was very interesting. Time does not exist, only clocks do.”
~ Seth, Tampa Bay Times

“The Popcorn. I had never thought of people like that.”
~Jonathon, San Francisco Chronicle

“The Yogurt and The Milk Cartoon speaks to how girls don’t eat enough lunch, which is true.”
~Claudia, Newsday

“When I saw the Hammer, it immediately hit me. ”
~ Conner, The Wall Street Journal

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Dada Exhibit

We had a great turn out for the opening of our Dada Exhibit. Works by Dada Artists currently enrolled in the Art History class were prominently displayed in the Media Center.

I'll let the work speak for itself but will include the titles below. The show will run for two weeks.

"Hot Grass" ~ Victoria

MC Hammer ~ Scott

"La Toylet" ~ James

"Purple Water in A Pickle Jar" ~ Emma

"Just an Orange" ~ Kyle

"Dirty Clock" ~ Shay

"Lunch Time" ~ Megan

Photoshop Brush Portraits

This week in computer art we explored brushes. The objective of this project was to create a portrait that included a photo with a strong light source and then incorporate brushes, gradients and glows in some way..

We took advantage of our new green screen to capture the photos.
Below, taking the photo for the image that was created, above.

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