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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In! The critics have spoken about the Apex Dada Exhibit and here is what they have to say...

“It was interesting because it was like anti-art.”
~Miles, The News and Observer

“Hot Grass showed how, if people see something ordinary and it is sparkly, then it seems more appealing.”
~ Sam, The New York times

“The markers coming out of the bottle was an astonishing piece.”
~ Noah, The Washington Post

“Da Toylet represents one of the best inventions which is indoor plumbing.”
~ Nick, Chicago Tribune

“Just an Orange; Stop for a second to see and admire how the piece of trash is just different than your surroundings. Art is the ability to change the thinking of the human mind.”
~ Jesus, The Denver Post

“I liked Mirror, Mirror. It let me truly look at myself.”
~Macie, The Seattle Times

“The Clock was very interesting. Time does not exist, only clocks do.”
~ Seth, Tampa Bay Times

“The Popcorn. I had never thought of people like that.”
~Jonathon, San Francisco Chronicle

“The Yogurt and The Milk Cartoon speaks to how girls don’t eat enough lunch, which is true.”
~Claudia, Newsday

“When I saw the Hammer, it immediately hit me. ”
~ Conner, The Wall Street Journal

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