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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Green Screens are Cool

We had a green screen donated to Apex Art and we are putting it to good use. The green screen will make it a lot easier to cut away the backgrounds....Plus, they are cool.

In the past, the best we could do was film against the whiteboard. But that isn't as cool as using a green screen. And when people ask, how did you take the photo do you want to say, "I was cool and used a green screen"? Or be lame and say,"I took it against the whiteboard"?

If you say the whiteboard, the person will probably walk away in disgust. However, if you say the green screen, they might take you out for lunch so they can ask you all about it.

By placing the green screen on the ground it makes it easier to take photos of yourself doing cool skateboard tricks. The other reason to put the green screen on the ground is because it is too big to put upright. I guess we need a higher ceiling.


  1. Oh cool! Eileen would have loved this back when she was at AHS. Great starting point for artists getting into digital art.

  2. This is an amazing tip to try with green screen backdrop. I am also having green screen backdrop which I have recently purchased. Now I am going to try this soon!!!


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