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Friday, May 17, 2013

Art History Carnival 2013!!

Today about 100 students gathered outside Building C for the first annual Art History Carnival here at Apex Art! There were games to be played, prizes to be won and enough sun to keep it fun!! Here is a look at some of the fun and games!

Pop the Pollock was a functioning "ring the bell" type game with a twist! Instead of ringing a bell, the top help a balloon that you needed to pop. Not just a balloon but a water balloon.. and not just a water balloon but a paint balloon. When it splattered, well, there was the Pollock influence.

Andy Warhol Ball: Knock down the soup cans and win a prize. Don't be easily deceived.  Our crafty carnies made sure the cans were not equally weighted  Needless to say, one of our most popular games was also one of the hardest to win!

Other than the fact that the sign mis-spelled Haring, this was a fun game. Try to knock the haring figures off the shelf using a home made rubber band gun.

The classic carnival game, Ballerina Ducks! (Degas reference)

Everyone wanted to win a dinosaur balloon!

Pac Mondrian Twister. You can't touch the black, only the primary colors. good luck with that!

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  1. Wow! That's making learning fun. I love the soup cans and the Mondrian twister. So creative and engaging! You can add "Pin the feature on the face" ala Picasso next year:)


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