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Sunday, November 28, 2010

After Art on Tumblr

We take a lot of photos here at Apex but not all those pics make the blog.

I was thinking... just because they don't make the blog, doesn't mean there isn't a place for them in cyberspace.

Enter After Art on Tumblr


Sister School Perspective Drawings

Our most recent Sister School project was to draw a room using one point perspective based only on a written description sent by a student from our sister school in Canada. Trying to draw a room that you have never seen based only on a written description is no easy task.

After the Apex students completed the drawings, we posted them on our Facebook page. Now the students in Canada have started posting actual photos of the rooms so our Apex artists can see how close they were!

Want to try it??

The room is of two walls that meet at offcente, left, to the middle. Where the walls meet there are two windows on both sides. the window go about a foot from the floor and right to the ceiling. They have two panels of shutters on each window that are white. In the corner there is a two person couch on the left wall. The couch is rounded and grass green. the legs are short and rounded wood. there are two pillows on the couch one is the same colour green the other is beige. over the sholders of the couch is a hexagonal, quilted, dark purple with white rimming each purple hexagon, blanket.

Room description : colour hot pink. Theme of the room : princess & butterflys , flowers in a vase .. white cubby and white bookshelf one little night table with a white lap on it pink princess dresser computer desk beside the window a little horse stick red fluffy , furry carpet a hamper hanging up from the ceilinghalf of a window and hot pink stero when you walk into the room : theres the bed in the middle of the room with a carpet right infront of it which is red and on the left is the tall bookshelf . right beside the bookshelf is the princess dresser . right above the bed is a flower vase with the hot pink stero beside it at the far corner is the computer desk with nick-nacks on it .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sister Schools

Since September, Oakridge Secondary in London, Ontario and Apex High School in Apex, NC have been sister art schools! We have been working on the same sketchbook assignments and even collaborating on projects.

One day we learned that Oakridge had been stalking us on google maps so we decided to return the favor.

One of the easier ways to work together with a sister school is to both work on the same sketchbook project. One of the first sketchbook projects we choose was the no portrait self portrait. For this sketchbook assignment each student created a work that represented themselves.

In order to share the assignments between the two countries, we set up a joint Facebook page and called it OPEX ART. This way we could all join, post photos, and share comments about each other's projects.

Here is an example of another joint sketchbook assignment. The students were given an unfinished K. Haring drawing that they then had to complete.

The first true project swap we did was portraits. Apex was working on value scale so Oakridge took photos of their students using strong lighting for us to use as references. We shared files using the free file hosting service Mediafire. Afterwards we posted our drawings on the Opex Art page.

Later, when Oakridge was ready to work on portraits, Apex provided the photos. Oakridge used pastels to create expressive impressions.

Another project was a postcard exchange. Both schools created postcards about their town, state or country. Then we filled envelopes and snail mailed them to each other.

Thanks to the Apex PTSA, we also were able to send Oakridge some Apex swag. Here you see Oakridge looking pretty sweet in their new Apex gear.



Friday, November 19, 2010


balloon mosaic mona lisa

What would you do with 190 art One Students and 1,840 balloons? Make a giant mosaic of the Mona Lisa... silly.

This project took all day. All three art classes, Ms Brokke, Ms Bate and Mr. Sands, worked all day long to create the mosaic.

balloon mosaic mona lisa

I think this photo, showing the trailer and cars in the parking lot gives a better idea of just how large this work of art is. 40 feet across and 46 feet down.

Special thanks to Kate who was this week's blogger and tweeter. If you read a tweet or post about this project, it was Kate behind the keyboard.

Birds-eye veiw of the Monalloon

balloon mosaic mona lisa
balloon mosaic mona lisa
balloon mosaic mona lisayellow part may need just a bit of work....
balloon mosaic mona lisa
balloon mosaic mona lisa

Day 3. Time for balloons!

Starting out the class with a bunch of balloons, a manager, and a want to get this thing over with.
"You know this is going to look horrible right?" "Just do it lazy babies."
"Ahhh! Mr Sands I don't know where I am!"You're at school silly.
"Lo ceiento mucho" - Jake (trying to speak Spanish...)
A bit after. YAY!
Everyone who needs new balloons rush inside for a warm up break.
*Balloon pops* "Uh, I think I did this wrong..."
"I'll get it! I'll get it!" Haha run away balloon.
"Got to get away, gotta get away" - a song by Lexi
"Being the boss is da best!"
Tying down the balloons
Random 18... silly person 18.

This is how we tie down the balloons.
This is our camera man that came from some writer thing that I don't know the name of... WE ALL FAMOUS!
"This, this here, its supposed to go there. no not there, there!"

Day 2 part 2. Building the grid

"OK. Fine! Just diss my boyfriend than leave! FINE WITH ME!"
Nearing the end of the day most of the class got tired and cold. In the end... there were only three left. But two of them soon left and there was only one cold and angry student left.
"STUPID TWINE! I hate balloons now! At least this glove is warm"
"Who did this?! Am I going to have to beat somebody!???"

"Why am I the only one doing this?!"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 2 part 1. Building the grid

The class started out cold, windy, and with a "tape tape ta-ta-ta-tape" song.
"I may have underestimated the time it would take to make this grid..."
trying to lay down the paper under the grid... why didn't we do this yesterday?!. At least a lot more people are working on it today

"Ah! why is there a hole in my paper?!" - Mr sands
"I'm a girl, I'm allowed to complain. So... I HATE THIS!"
The grid is coming along pretty well.
"Hold this down" "Why is this so messed up" "I don't know, just hold it down!"
"These gloves are so warm! But hard to work with..."

"Da power of rag gloves!"
"Ahhh! Ah! Ahhhhh! Gotta catch all the pokemon!" -Alex

The smiley face was cute, but very unfitting.
An example/test run of how we are going to put the balloons down.
"Hey... guys.... do you like CHESSE PIZZA?"
"tape tape tape ta-ta-ta-tape!"

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