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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 3. Time for balloons!

Starting out the class with a bunch of balloons, a manager, and a want to get this thing over with.
"You know this is going to look horrible right?" "Just do it lazy babies."
"Ahhh! Mr Sands I don't know where I am!"You're at school silly.
"Lo ceiento mucho" - Jake (trying to speak Spanish...)
A bit after. YAY!
Everyone who needs new balloons rush inside for a warm up break.
*Balloon pops* "Uh, I think I did this wrong..."
"I'll get it! I'll get it!" Haha run away balloon.
"Got to get away, gotta get away" - a song by Lexi
"Being the boss is da best!"
Tying down the balloons
Random 18... silly person 18.

This is how we tie down the balloons.
This is our camera man that came from some writer thing that I don't know the name of... WE ALL FAMOUS!
"This, this here, its supposed to go there. no not there, there!"

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