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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Top Ten Projects You Should Never Do: #7

That Moment You Realize Your Skittle Portrait Looks Nothing Like You.

Project Flop: Good Lessons From a Bad Teacher

Expressive Skittle Portraits: Free Lesson Plan Download

I would never do this project again. However, if you are crazy enough to try it, here are a few helpful hints.

1. Gluing down the Skittles is a time consuming process. This project took way longer than I thought it would. However, we made rather large portraits. If I were to do this over again, I would certainly reduce the amount of squares when applying the mosaic filter. Maybe keep it down to 40 x 46.

2. Skittles are not cheap. I Spent over $100 buying Skittles and I bought them in bulk bags at Target, and once Target sold out, at Walmart. The students also brought in bags. However, if I were to do this project again, limiting the amount of squares when applying the mosaic filter would also reduce the amount of Skittles required.

3. Skittles attract unwanted visitors. It was amazing how many students from other classes stopped by just to see how things were going during this project. They didn’t show that type of curiosity when we were working on value scales. We also had ants. If you leave one Skittle on the floor, an ant will find it. That ant will then call all his ant friends because ants apparently like to share.

That Can't Be Right

How to Make Sure Your Art 1 Class Hates You

Monday, June 19, 2017

Top Ten Projects You Should Never Do.. #10

The Moment You Realize That Plaster Hand Project Has Gone Terribly Wrong!

Project Flop: Good Lessons From a Bad Teacher

The Open Art Room!

After two years of writing, editing and editing... The Open Art Room is ready for pre-orders! Based on years of experience, both successes failures, working with the students at Apex, The Open Art Room provides a student-centered approach to art instruction at the secondary level.

The Open Art Room By Melissa Purtee and Ian Sands 

Taking inspiration from a variety of contemporary approaches, this book presents a framework for Choice-Based instruction for Secondary Level (grades 6–12) Art Education. 

The Open Art Room provides a student-centered approach to art instruction that is inspirational, practical, and classroom-tested. 

Highlights include: 

• Flexible instructional frameworks with options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of Choice 
• Assessment for Choice-Based art teachers 
• Unit plans, bootcamps, mini-lessons, and classroom examples
• Clear connections to the National Core Art Standards 
• Engaging stories of student struggles and successes

Put The Open Art Room on your summer reading list! Click here!
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