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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Going On Apex Summer 2011?

Here's a quick look at what some of the Apex HS Art students are up to this summer...

Chris, Computer Art student, spent several weeks working on this banner. In fact, he skipped a few other projects in order to keep working on it. The banner was designed for Chris' favorite YouTube channel, a daily diary called Shaytards.

Chris hoped that at least the banner would be looked at , maybe commented on. Well, they did one better. They decided to use his banner on their YouTube page. Check it out -->

Sydney, Art History student, has become the first intern to work for the NC Museum of Art! How very exciting!

Sydney also went to Italy for the summer. She saw the Pieta, The David, and even the Peggy Guggenheim collection... So what art work did she tag me in? A photo of street artist André, know for his distinctive stick figure character. I thought that was pretty cool.

Last but not least, Apex HS graduate and former Art One student, Mark entered his self portrait in the North Carolina Museum of Art special juried exhibition Self, Observed. The exhibition celebrates the exploration of identity that occupied Rembrandt van Rijn throughout his life. We wish him well!


Friday, July 8, 2011


The new Art On the Move bus is out and rolling down the streets of Raleigh. The streets of Raleigh are the perfect place for it too cause that's what we wrote about for the background.

The bus contains sentences written by students that include the names of streets. They looked at a map of Raleigh, found a street and wrote a sentence that incorporated the name of the street.

Some examples of their sentences include:

I want world Peace Street.
When I get nervous I Pace Street.
Baby you can drive my Carr Street.
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