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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Making of Adorable

Adorable is a localized perspective work of art.

The original design was based on a project about juxtaposition.

The first design didn’t hold up too well. It needed to be sturdier.

So they took it apart and started all over again. Dedication is cool.

We used the projector to capture the image. They changed the design to fit the new horizontal layout.

From most any direction, you can’t tell what it is supposed to be.

Move to the right and things start to take focus.

Get in just the right spot and it all comes together.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Localized Perspective : Part 1

The concept behind Localized Perspective is simple. You can see the image from only one view point or perspective. If you are viewing the image from any other perspective the image will look distorted and random.

We started this project by first merging two images to show Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is the placement of two things near each other for contrasting effect. you can see more of our juxtaposed images here.

The next step was to project the image on boxes at different depths, some close and some further away.

The boxes were then painted and set up. From most any perspective, the boxes don't make sense.

But when viewed from just the right perspective, the image comes together.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MonaBetty Project : Part One

sound board with text on buttons

Sound board with rollover button

Soundboard should be 550 pixels W x 400 pixels H.

The project will be to mash up someone you know with a famous work of art. Make sure you choose a work of art that is a portrait. The following are all good examples.

Juxtaposition - Localized Perspective

Juxtaposition is the placement of two things near each other for contrasting effect.

We went to the computer lab and searched the web for an image that they like. We then manipulated the colors in PhotoShop.

What the students didn't know is that I would be asking them to add to their image... Here are some of the juxtaposed results:

This is not the end of the project but only the beginning. The image above is being projected below to create a localized perspective illusion...

Stay tuned for part two: Juxtaposition - Localized Perspective

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