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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 a Year in Review!

And now, a month by month look back at the Best of Apex HS Art 2013 Year in Review!

January 2013: Rethinking Art History
We kicked off the year with revamp of how Art History is taught. Instead of the teacher telling the students what they should know, the teacher asked the students which questions they want to answer... Click here for more!


February: Collaborative Animation Project
Sands tweeted his PLN asking for volunteers for this collaborative project between Elementary Artists and High School Animators. The three participating schools joined in. View more animations here!


March: Multicolored Stencils
This year, the Art One's were a little ambitious, going for three or four different cut outs to complete these portraits. See how it's done here!


April: National Art Honor Society Inductions
This year we had our first National Art Honor Society meeting at Apex High School. On April 24th, 2013 we had our first induction ceremony. Read more about it here!


May: Dada Exhibit
We had a great turn out for the opening of our Dada Exhibit. Works by Dada Artists currently enrolled in the Art History class were prominently displayed. Check out more Dada works here!


June: Talking Tigers
Kindergartens at Douglas Elementary Arts and Science wanted to collaborate with our class. They had some tigers that needed animating. Read all about it here!


July: Eva Perry Library
Mr. Sands hosted a Street Art Workshop at the Eva Perry Library and taught a few tricks we learned in Art History class. Grab your baby powder and click here!


August: New Teachers
We gained two of the best teachers in the country this year and set Apex Art on a new course! Read about all our teachers here!


September: Bunny Rabbit Friday
For a while there, every Friday the art room would be filled with rabbits. Unfortunately, we were shut down. Apparently Wake County has a "No Livestock" policy. Who knew? More cute bunny photos here!


October: Student Spotlight
In October we started a new section on the blog titled Student Spotlight. It gives Apex a chance to present the student's art in their own words. See our Spotlight Students here!


November: The Open Art Room
With the addition of the new teachers, we started incorporating our new teaching philosophies. We then decided to post a few articles on the blog to explain exactly what we were up to. Read our most popular blog posts this year here!


December: 12 Days of Photoshop
Every December we roll out the 12 Days of Photoshop.. Check out the lesson plan on the Art of Education website here!


We are just warming up! 2014 is going to be our most amazing year yet!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Combining Brushes and Photos

This week in computer art we were back in Photoshop explored brushes. The objective of this project was to create a portrait that included a photo with a strong light source and then incorporate brushes, gradients and glows in some way..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Perspective: In Production

Told Art Three one word.. perspective. OK, go! Here is what they are working on...

Above, she drew a pencil.

An anamorphosis drawing of a pencil. Here is the same drawing just photographed differently. Next to her drawing of the pencil is the pencil she was drawing.. if that makes any sense.

Different perspectives: Water


Water and Fire

Five point perspective. I don't even know what that is. good for him!

2 point perspective acrylic painting of a beach scene from insider her head, no reference.

One point perspective with some great shading work!

Localized perspective: only looks right from one angle.

Forced perspective.. I think.. Actually, I have no idea what they are doing. Look Purtee, this is my spirited group.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 12th Day of Photoshop 2013!

Now, for the last and 12th Day of Photoshop...
A Holiday Mashup!!
Take any holiday between Thanksgiving and New Years and mash it up with a famous work of art. As with all the Days of Photoshop, the students only had one day to create the image.  
See if you can guess both the holiday theme and the famous work of art! And have a very Merry Photoshop!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

10th and 11th Day of Photoshop

 On the 10th Day of Photoshop My Students Made For Me..

What’s in the Bad Mail?

There’s a bumpy package on the doorstep with a lion’s tail hanging out the back. There’s something very wrong with that envelop. We just got a letter, the worst letter you can possibly imagine.

Your task: Show us the bad mail!

On the 11th Day of Photoshop my Students..

Turned a pop Icon into a sculpture! 

Pop icons range from toys like Barbie to singers like Ke$ha, even McDonald’s French fries might be considered a pop icon..

Sculptures range from ancient ruins like Easter Island to modern day artists like Calder or Segal.. from Renaissance classics like the David to fountains in the park.

Like all the other Days of Photoshop, you have one day to create and post this assignment.  Here we go!

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