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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Layering: Final

Instead of carefully placing art items side by side, the postmodern principle of Laying dictates that items are layered on top of each other. The student could choose to either explore the medium they were layering or focus on a theme or concept they wished to portray. These are the final versions...

A carefully crafted box displaying layers of the seasons

Colored glue was layered onto a transparency to produce this sloth image

Detail of a work about Jane Goodall. The layers of medium add texture to the image.

Several images placed on transparencies produce the image only when placed on top of one another

Tissue, thread and eyeballs are woven into medium to produce this transparent work

Autumn leaves layered in medium over a balloon (removed later) illuminates the night with light

Layers of melted wax and crayons where applied to create this 3D sculpture

Melted crayons form an eerie, almost post-apocalyptic looking, landscape

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