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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Student Spotlight: Jessica N. - Computer Art & Art Two

How I made this was I drew it in Photoshop, and colored it in Illustrator. Then I added the shapes in illustrator as well. I'm not a big fan of illustrator. The thing I like in illustrator is how easy it is to make shapes, and how when you use the bucket tool it doesn't leave a little ring of the color the object use to be like in Photoshop.

Dude, you got it all over!
This is my "Sticky situation" project. I came up with this idea because I thought about when you spill something like juice, or soda it makes things all sticky. I used acrylic paint, and melted crayons. I think using melted crayons was "thinking outside of the box"  I created repetition with the cups in the photo. I think the mini lessons were good practice, and also helped with deciding which kind of paint is suited best for me. 

This is a picture I took while  I was melting the crayons. The way I did it was I glued crayons down to the canvas after I painted it, and melted them with a hair dryer. 

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