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Monday, December 16, 2013

Proportion and Scale 3D : Production

The Art Two class was challenged with creating a 3D work of art that incorporated either proportion or scale. The medium was left open however, they were giving a theme of "Questionable". Let's take a peak at what they are working on so far....

This is a spaceship made of paper mache. That is rather questionable, especially since the project is about scale and who knows how big a spaceship is...

The spaceship will be sucking up this little guy in a beam of green light. Hold on little guy!!

How to make a giant banana... That's questionable.

Step one: Ball up newspaper.

Step two: Hold it all together with tape...

Step three: wrap it up in plaster..

Step four: Realize it is too skinny to be a banana.. paint it green and make it a bean..

"I want to make a life size wax hand" He says.

A Clay mold of his hand. Wax to be poured into this mold.

That's questionable.

Watch out Girl 2! You'll get wax on your book bag!

That worked out pretty well.

A little guy with great abs...

A cross..

Do you think she is paying attention to her art or watching Mulan? That's questionable.

If you are going to make something with correct proportions, a ruler is not a bad way to go.

Who are these little men and what are they up to?? That's questionable.

They are putting makeup on a giant face..

Small size fish..

A fishbowl .. That's questionable.

Fish in the bowl!

That's questionable.


  1. What did you have in mind and/or how did you describe questionable?

  2. With the themes, like Questionable, I have nothing in mind and don't describe it at all. I simple give the word. i want them to think about the word and not be influenced by me at all. My hope is that they take it in a direction that is both original and meaningful to them.
    Thanks for asking!


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