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Sunday, December 22, 2013

10th and 11th Day of Photoshop

 On the 10th Day of Photoshop My Students Made For Me..

What’s in the Bad Mail?

There’s a bumpy package on the doorstep with a lion’s tail hanging out the back. There’s something very wrong with that envelop. We just got a letter, the worst letter you can possibly imagine.

Your task: Show us the bad mail!

On the 11th Day of Photoshop my Students..

Turned a pop Icon into a sculpture! 

Pop icons range from toys like Barbie to singers like Ke$ha, even McDonald’s French fries might be considered a pop icon..

Sculptures range from ancient ruins like Easter Island to modern day artists like Calder or Segal.. from Renaissance classics like the David to fountains in the park.

Like all the other Days of Photoshop, you have one day to create and post this assignment.  Here we go!

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