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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the First Day of Photoshop 2013...

Each day leading up to Christmas break I will post an assignment. There will be 12 assignments in all. You will have one day in which to think up a creative idea, render your idea in Photoshop and post your image to your blog.

On the first day of Photoshop the project asked of me, swap a products brand identity!

What if Pepsi looked like Coke? Batman looked like Superman? Take any popular item and swap its Brand identity. Like all on the 12 days, you only have today to create the image and post it to your blog. Be creative and have fun!

On the Second day of Photoshop the project asked of me, 
show a Reflection’s True Identity!  

Be it a reflection in a puddle, in glasses or a shadow on the wall, the reflection shows the true identity

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