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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey! Where Did Mr Sands Go? #NAEA14

If you're looking for me you better be heading to California! This week I will be attending the 2014 NAEA National Convention in San Diego, CA.

So first, if you’re a convention attendee, you are probably looking for that free book. Well here is the link

Free download: Click Here!

Now, the 2014 NAEA National Convention? What's that you ask? It's a gathering of more than 5,000 visual art teachers, university professors and museum educators. We all get together with the common goal of advancing art education.

Presenting You Say?

Yes! Not only am I attending but I'm also presenting. How exciting, yes I know! Chances are I might even talk about a project you worked on or even show a photo of your art.

On Saturday I'll be co-presenting with Jessica Balsley on a presentation titled Using iPads in the Art Room. Jessica is the founder of the Art of Education blog. Did you know that I was a contributing writing for the Art of Education? See, you learn something new every day!

So Sunday morning, between 11 and 12, I'll be at the Art Of Ed booth #310 for a Meet and Greet! The AOE Team will be representing this year’s NAEA Convention. they  will have 8 great team members in attendance! Alecia Eggers, Derek Balsley, Jessica Balsley, Kelly Berwager, Nic Hahn, Sarah Dougherty,  Sarah Welch and me!.  Stop by and say hi!

On Sunday I'll be co-presenting with Robb Sandagata, Sherri Fisher and Jack Watson. That’s a pretty amazing lineup! We are presenting New Weird Ideas! How appropriate :)

Then, also on Sunday, I’ll be presenting in the main ballroom! Yes, the one that holds everyone! So needless to say, I’m a bit nervous about that one... It’s the Ignite Session. 20 slides in five minutes!

As a special added bonus I'm pretty sure that Davis Publications will be handing out free copies of the April issue of SchoolArts Magazine that just happens to include and article about the Singing Tiger project we did right here at Apex High School! 

So that’s the deal. I’ll be back after Spring Break and if this year is anything like last year, I’ll be coming home with some very innovative ideas that will keep Apex at the Peak of Great Art making!!

Oh, one more thing... Look for my business cards. They come complete with crayons so no matter what, at least you can have fun coloring in the Zonkey!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Art Three Tests Out 123D Creature

Art Three class had a chance to stop by the Media Center last week and try their hand at the iPad app 123D Creature. A little tricky to learn but once you get the hang of it, a really fun 3D program that let's the user created creatures almost like using clay.

The app has three components; creating, sculpting and painting. Each section allows the user to add more and more detail.

Creature above in the painting stage.

Same creature with added lighting effects.

Look how completely different this creature looks from both the creature above and below. That's one thing I like about this program, you can stretch the clay and your imagination.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Student Spotlight: Nicole - Art 1

Student: Nicole
Class: Ms. Sudkamp's Art 1

Project:  2 or more color linoleum printmaking.

Artists Reflect- Process

After I finished carving the places that I wanted to have pink, I printed it on a page. I saw some spots on the print that I didn't want have there. So I went back and carved out some more and then reprinted. I also noticed that I needed to add more ink so that it the print would come out better. When I was doing my second color of the black ink I notice that something was wrong when I printed it. It came out really blotchy and wasn't sure if it was become I used to much ink. I decided to change the ink that I used and it turned out a lot better. Before I put the new black ink on the print I tested out it out on scrap piece of paper to see if it would turn out how I wanted it to.

Artists Communicate Trough their Work-

For my art piece I did hanging pointe shoes. I chose this because I have been doing dance since I was three years old and wanted to make something that meant something to me. As of sixth grade I started doing pointe and I really enjoyed it, even though it can cause my feet pain! My art work is intended to show about me and show how dance has been an important factor of my life. I chose pink as the color because it is my favorite color. The issues that am examining through my artwork is to show that even though something that can be painful can be beautiful. My artwork also says that by practicing and doing what you love to do can turn out into a beautiful dance. And that all the hard work and painful practices is worth it. 

 Linoleum Block


4 Blocked Print

Single Print

Friday, March 21, 2014

Battleship! Art History Style!

Was trying to think up a good review game for Art History class and Ms Purtee said, "Why not ask the students?" 

In Art History, the students already write the quiz questions so it only made sense to ask them what game we should play for a review. The first paper I turned over read, Battleship! I knew I had a winner!

First step was getting the questions together. I put them in a PowerPoint like the one above. Most questions weren't multiple choice but you get the idea.

By the way, the answer is B. Chicken.

We created the boards on sheets of manilla paper. The larger square is that table's playing piece. The smaller squares are so they can keep track of the other tables. We had four tables playing at once.

If you answer a review question correctly, you could take a shot at any table in the room. There was some competition and I might say, it even got a little ugly ;)

About to answer the next question.

Anticipation.. waiting to hear if it's a hit or not a hit.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time as an Element: Production

Overlapping drawings of a person from toddler to old age 

Click here to read more about the above project on Michelle's blog!

For this project, the artists were challenged with incorporating time as an element into their work. The concept was not to simply show time, as in drawing a clock, but rather have time needed in order to complete the assignment. Here are some of the work ideas in progress.

As time progresses, a machine malfunctions and breaks down. This artist will demonstrate this through time with an animation. Testing the flip book.

Imported drawings in an animation program on the iPad.

The animation

The artist has created a backdrop that will serve as a measuring device. An assortment of paper airplanes are being created that will be flown against the backdrop to measure time and distance.

Click here to read more about the above project on Kimberly's blog!

The image represents two ideas.. metamorphosis and time. the artist is also incorporating color with black and white being used for the older images.

Click here to read more about the above project on Jay's blog! 

It takes time for seeds to grow. This piece when complete will spell out the words "Life" with actual growing flowering plants.

Each day, new color bubbles are blown onto the canvas.  The canvas can be thought not as much as a final painting but a collection of paint captured in space over time.

Dominions not only take time to set up, the fall down sequentially over time.  The artist is preparing this piece, titled "All Fall Down".

Click here to read more about the above project on Ryn's blog! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Appropriation: Final

A Pair of Pears

We kicked off the new semester in Art Three with a project about appropriation. Appropriation in art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them however, this project soon took on a life of it's own with most projects leaning towards parody or pastiche or something..

T Time

Card Board

Jack and the Bean Stalkers

Lightning Bugs

 Heart Strings

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Computer Art Walk Cycle

This is the Computer Art class' first animation and the students returned with some very impressive results. The project was about gaining an understanding of the eight stages of the walk cycle for a bipedal creature. like the bear below which is really well done. 

Some students went even further.. like the six legged creature above. Even the two legged drawings have little extra. Look how the hair flows from front to back on the walk cycle at the bottom of the page. Excellent work!

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