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Friday, March 7, 2014

Student Spotlight: Hannah - Art Three

Snapshot post- Appropriation

For the new semester, for each assignment, it is our new goal to provide "snapshot posts" so that we can track our progress, reflect on how we have grown, and see where we need to go from here. For this project, our theme was Appropriation, which is the use of borrowed elements in a new piece. We were allowed to use any material that we thought would best get across what we wanted to express with this theme. The idea that I came up with and was most inspired by was "ClipArt."

So far, I have crafted the idea of spelling out "art" using clips of famous artwork. Eventually, all three letters will be hung up with clips on twine so that it has a literal and figurative meaning of "clipart."

I think that this project is really coming along. I love the idea that I have and am super inspired by it so I can't wait to see where it will go from here. Mr. Sands really wants us to understand how artists grow with each piece of work they compose so he asked that we reflect on how we have grown throughout the project. Here are three Artist Behaviors that I believe I have taken a part of during this project to make the final piece more successful.

Artists Take Risks: For the material that I am using for this assignment, I chose to use canvas paper that Mr. Sands found in the depth of all his random art supplies. This is something that I have never worked with, so this whole project has been a huge experiment. I didn't know how the canvas would react or even if it would work, so it was a huge risk. I truly believe that in order to grow as an artist, it is very important to step out of your comfort zone, whether that mean trying a new technique or using a new material. I am loving the freedom of just experimenting with it and seeing where the material takes me!

Artists Solve Problems: As I just stated, the materials that I chose for this project were totally new for me, so I didn't know exactly how things would work out. Needless to say, things didn't go perfectly as planned, but I took those flaws and ran with them! For example, when I printed out the "clips" of artwork on the canvas paper, the colors were not as vibrant as I had previously expected. I am definitely taking advantage of this setback, however, as I think that the paler colors make a really great background that will place a lot of emphasis on the letters when they are finished.

Artists Understand the Art Community: I don't normally use technology in my artwork a lot, as I am pretty technologically challenged. I think in this project though, the use of technology has really benefited the piece. Through this project, I have learned a lot about how technology can enhance a piece, as I was able to print the images directly on the canvas paper.

Appropriation Final

So my final project for the Appropriation project is completed! I don't have a picture yet, but I will post one as soon as I get it! I am very happy with how the final piece turned out and I think that it really displays my view as an artist. Mr. Sands has been teaching us about certain qualities that artists possess, so I have chosen three of these qualities that I believe my piece portrays.

Artists Create Original Art: My idea for the project was "Clip Art." This was a completely original idea that I developed when faced with the theme of Appropriation. I was really inspired by the idea so I started brainstorming how I could get my idea across. I had to think very creatively to develop a game plan for how I was going to do that. I think that one of the reasons why I am so happy with the final piece is that I can see all the creativity and originality it took to complete it.

Artists Develop Art-Making Skills: When I had the idea for how I was going to incorporate the theme of appropriation, I knew right away that I wanted to use mixed media as my medium. I thought the best way to show the idea of works of art inspiring other works of art (clip art!) could best be displayed through using mixed media so I could use actual pieces of art in the design. I have worked with mixed media before, but not often, so I really wanted to broaden my knowledge of the topic and use other materials. I think that with this project, I was able to gain the experience of incorporating different elements in unique ways, but still in a cohesive way.

Artists Collaborate: With the middle letter, R, I didn't know if I wanted to use the same material that I had been using for the other two letters, or if I wanted to use acrylic paint. I asked a couple of the other students in my class for their opinion, and the most valuable advice that I got was to do what I was most inspired by. I think that that is key in all pieces of work, and the advice at that given time was what I needed to hear. I had been too focused on what I thought looked good and not on what I as the artist felt moved by. In the end, I chose the paint because I thought it would show good contrast, and also, I just really wanted to paint! I am really pleased with how it turned out and am glad that stuck to what I was inspired by.

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