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Monday, March 17, 2014

Time as an Element: Production

Overlapping drawings of a person from toddler to old age 

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For this project, the artists were challenged with incorporating time as an element into their work. The concept was not to simply show time, as in drawing a clock, but rather have time needed in order to complete the assignment. Here are some of the work ideas in progress.

As time progresses, a machine malfunctions and breaks down. This artist will demonstrate this through time with an animation. Testing the flip book.

Imported drawings in an animation program on the iPad.

The animation

The artist has created a backdrop that will serve as a measuring device. An assortment of paper airplanes are being created that will be flown against the backdrop to measure time and distance.

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The image represents two ideas.. metamorphosis and time. the artist is also incorporating color with black and white being used for the older images.

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It takes time for seeds to grow. This piece when complete will spell out the words "Life" with actual growing flowering plants.

Each day, new color bubbles are blown onto the canvas.  The canvas can be thought not as much as a final painting but a collection of paint captured in space over time.

Dominions not only take time to set up, the fall down sequentially over time.  The artist is preparing this piece, titled "All Fall Down".

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