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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Top Ten Projects You Should Never Do: #1

That Moment They Realize The Outlet Has Become A Grill

Project Flop: Good Lessons From a Bad Teacher

Back in 2009 I started giving my students post it notes and setting them free to create art throughout the school. It wasn't long till one of the students figured out how to create a portrait. They used another student as a model and create the portrait you see above.

In 2010, two groups of students decided to create post it note mural. Everyone brought in a pack and the set off to complete this one of Jack Sparrow.

The following semester, 2011, a ten more groups joined the adventure. One group create this portrait of Leo Dicaprio. It made the cover of SchoolArts magazine.

Back in the day, we used Photoshop to create the map used as a guide to make the murals. Here is a link to a post  title Post It Notes Explained. Today, I'm sure there are plenty of apps that can do the magic for you.

Monday, July 3, 2017

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