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Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Grading Practice for Computer Art & Animation

This is the new grading practice for Computer Art & Animation.

Though I have given grades for things like finishing tutorials and homework, the majority of the grades I have given to my computer art students have been project based. I would give an assignment, there would be a rubric, the students would complete the project and I would grade those projects.

The concept of the new grading practice will remove the statement "This is the project I want you to make" and replace it with "This is the artist I want you to be".

I will no longer grade projects but will instead have each student complete the following eval after every project.

The three bullets in each section are in order so you can not check off the second bullet if you have not done the first. The student will also need to provide evidence that they have accomplished each task.

Computer Art Grading Eval version 1.0

Self Learner
* Participates in class tutorials
* Completes non class tutorials and asks questions on forum
* Active member of a PhotoShop community- Ning, Deviant Art, Online forum

Time Management
* Student completes all projects in a timely manner, utilizing all time
* Student uses excess time wisely, seeking tutorials, posting on forum, participating in PhotoShop community
* Student completes work outside of class, participating in contests, exhibits, self directed tutorials or projects

Sharing Knowledge
*Verbally helps other students with simple questions
* Post responses to more complex questions or posts findings on forums
* Teaches tutorials to class or small group of students or creates virtual tutorials through video or blog posts

* Posts all projects to blog
* Posts projects and completes 3 written sections
* Provides feedback and constructive criticism as comments on student blogs

Competence of Tools & Concepts
* Show competence by completing all requirements of class assignments
* Incorporates previously learned tools and concepts into current project
* Demonstrates advanced tools and concepts, incorporating techniques learned through tutorials


  1. I used some self-evals when I was teaching, and as far as time spent goes, they didn't really save me that much time--a little, and every little bit counts! You still have to go through their projects and check that they've provided the evidence that supports the grade they've given themselves. However, I think students should be evaluating themselves in everything they've done in school. If you can't figure out whether what you've done is "right" or not, you really haven't learned anything, have you? At least that's what I told my students...

  2. I really like this evaluation. I think it is more important for the student to look at themselves and how they have grown and what they have learned as opposed to how their project turned out. So helpful!


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