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Friday, November 22, 2013

Non Traditional Portraits: Final Part 1

The Art Two students are just about finished their nontraditional portraits. You might ask, "What are nontraditional portraits?" Well, according to Megan, my instructions went like this. "Do a portrait. Use a strange material. Go."

I think I might have said a bit more than that but even if I didn't, perhaps I didn't need too. They are doing a pretty bang up job. Check out this first round (more to come)... 

Ashlyn decided to create this swimmer image using goldfish crackers. I ate a few crackers but she still had enough.

Megan created a 3D portrait of Frankenstein, having just finishedreadignthe novel in her English class.

Breielle and Noah used food coloring mixed with plaster to create this very heavy relief.

Emma pushed a lot of pushpins into this work of art to create a portrait of that guy from that band she like.. 

Crystal used the no-frills version of Fruit Loops to create this work. The background was made by crushing the cereal into the colored powder.

Bree made a cake!! Unfortunately, it disappeared. Has anyone seen Bree's art? I can't find it anywhere..

"Eye haven't seen it.", said Girl One.

See more Non Traditional Portraits here !

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  1. Wow it's so cool. Could you give us some tutorials 'bout how to make that artworks. Maybe like student share about how they did it.


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