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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Layering: Production

Instead of carefully placing art items side by side, the postmodern principle of Laying dictates that items are layered on top of each other. The student could choose to either explore the medium they were layering or focus on a theme or concept they wished to portray. These are in production…

Working with spoons on canvas over newspaper.

Layers of images in frames at different levels

Spray paint layers on transparencies

Layers of colored wax on sytophome

Layers of cut out letters on tie dye

Plaster, wax and clay

Medium gel, tissue paper, thread


  1. I love your project but had a question about guidlines. First off, did you give them any? Was there a certain number of meiums they needed to use? Did you have them keep it in a size range or was it whatever they wanted to do? Also do you provide the materials or did they have to bring them in?


  2. Thanks! I left the interpretation of “layering” up to the students. Some saw it as using many different media on top of each other while others decided to show the effects of one medium. There were no restrictions on size or materials. I provided materials where available but many students provided their own (i.e. the girl with the layered spoons brought in her own)


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