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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Student Spotlight: Ashley T. - Art Three & Sculpture

Pressure Project.  
The first thing that came to my mind when I thought pressure was Ballet. I thought this because Ballet is a lot of pressure on your foot, as well as a lot of pressure to be perfect. I didn't want to use clay again, so instead I used a different process. This process was taking wire and bending it into the shape I wanted it to be in in order to look like a Ballet shoe. I then took newspapers and balled it into certian sizes in certian areas in order for it to look like this. To get the newspaper to stay I wraped it well with tape. Afterwards, I painted it white for a cleaner and better look. After that, I found this color ribbon that was similar to what a Ballet shoe color would look like, it also has the texture of one too! I wraped this around the shoe as well. I took a block of wood and painted it grey so that I could then glue the shoe to it. I don't think I would change anything about this project, I really like how it turned out.

Layers project:
I knew for a fact that I wanted to include text into my project. Out of many quotes I came to this one. I liked this quote best because I was able to make a cool tye dye background that related to my quote, plus I really enjoy tye dye. To include layers into this project, instead of cutting out one letter I had to cut out two and layer them on top of each other. It was double the work but in the end it was worth it. To make the letters stand out more I spray painted them white. To get the tye dye background I took a pillow case and cut it open to make it wider in order for the quote to fit. And finally, I hot glued the letters onto the pillow case. I'd say this turned out really well, there's nothing I would change about it!
Nature Art Project: 
I really enjoyed making this because it was fun yet simple to do. There are so many things you could create with nature and so many ideas as well. While brainstorming I thought of the idea to make a clock out of flowers, leaves, and twigs. I was at my house while I made this and I found flowers from my front yard and leaves and twigs from a random tree. I arranged them how I liked them best and kept it like this. The twigs were obviously originally brown and I thought it looked odd with the color of the flowers, so I painted the twigs pink. Also, to make it more obvious that it was a clock, I wrote numbers on the leaves with a sharpie. I really loved how it turned out. I love the colors and how bright it looks compared to the sidewalk, it really pops out at you. There is nothing I would change about it!

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