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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Student Spotlight: Genna - Art Three

Intertextuality:Crossing the Yellow Brick Road

  Some of my ideas while making this piece was: Rondald Mcdonald on a scale eating veggies, a can of beans with the Chicago Bean in it, and Mickey mouse with a gun. I chose to do a cross walk sign with Dorothy and The Tin Man. By just adding a few small images to the cross walk sign (the ruby shoes, Tin Man's heart, Tin hat, and the yellow bricks) I changed the message of the cross walk sign. It went from a regular cross walk sign's meaning: to watch out for pedestrians crossing the street, to a different kind of cross walk sign's meaning: to watch out for the characters of The Wizard of Oz when they cross the Yellow Brick Road

I used a wood board and cut it into the shape of a cross walk sign. I painted this board yellow with yellow enamel to make it have a shiny finish like a normal cross walk sign. For the crosswalk people I made a stencil and spray painted them black. I used a stencil technique for this piece. For this technique I had to use sticks to hold down the part of the stencil that I was spray painting to make sure there were no fuzzy lines.

   The risk I took was I spent so much time making my cross walk sign accurate before I spray painted the Dorothy shoes and Tin hat on it so taking that step was a big risk in case I made a mistake on the sign and had to start over. I used technique with the accurate cross walk sign and stencil making and spray painting. I also used concept in my piece from turning it from one message to a completely different meaning with the use just a few small images. 

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