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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Non Traditional Portraits: Part 3

Claire had this idea that she could use sugar cubes to create a Day of the Dead skull... sure, I said. I say that a lot.

She needed to bind the cubes together and came up with this sugar, water and glue substance.. Do you think it will work? she asked. Sure, I said. I say that a lot.

Here she is painting the skull but for a week prior to this moment she spent all her time with a dermal, sanding down the sugar cube skull. It worked... who knew ;)

Close up of the skull.

Claire had this idea to mount the skull on a mirror so if you were looking into the glass, you would see the skull as your reflection.. and that worked too... as this is me looking in the mirror, taking the photo.


Bethany had this idea to use yarn. She likes Disney and decided to go with Ariel. Lots of people are all hung up on copyright and don't let their students copy Disney. But to work at Disney, you need to draw like Disney so... We can fight about it later but for now...

What I love about Bethany's work is how she followed the contour lines... or lack there of cause let's face it, Ariel is 2D.. but that didn't stop Bethany from following the non-existent contours of Ariel's face.

Bethany still needs to finish it but she is the type of girl to work from home and get the job done. that's admirable .. no water pun intended :)


Ok this girl... so she told me about this idea to create an image out of denim.

and every day she worked on stuff but nothing seemed to get done..  Frankly, I had doubts....

Then all of a sudden, this image appears. And the texture is phenomenal!

And she produces this image out of torn jeans and ripped pants and I couldn't have been more surprised or pleased!


So I'm like, candy. Yes!

And they sorted the candy. Fine, I can pick out and eat the colors I like! Cause that is what being a teacher is about.. eating candy that the kids bring in.. ok, the secrete is out.

And you might think the hot glue gun would stop me. But no, it wasn't that.. it was...

They spray painted all the M&M's so they could get the colors they wanted!!

To make Eminem out of M&M's!


So Girl 1, Girl 2 and Katessica decide they wanted to make a portrait out of CD cases....

And I'm like, well, that could be done.. because I'm encouraging..
but a lot of times I'm sort of well, lying.
But they tell me they are going to make the guy from Grease. .. the movie, not the place.

So they spray painted just the CD's .. cause the covers didn't work out the way they had planned.

And when the spray paint didn't work out, they acrylic painted the right shades and tints...

And this went on....

and on..

and more people started helping out than the original three.. people not even in my class!

But today they told me I had to come up to the B Building and see..
They were done... and they were

And it looks pretty good.. don't you think??



  1. Awesome work!!!! Way to go Apex Art!!!!

  2. These are amazing. How did you let students decide if they were working on their own or in groups? And then how are you grading the groups?

  3. Thanks! The forming of groups was pretty organic. When presenting the project, I mentioned they could work in groups but I didn’t select teams of anything. Most students worked by themselves, but several groups formed on their own. Beside the group aspect of the project, there are still individual items the students work on that can differentiate their grade.. their blog post for example.


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