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Monday, October 20, 2014

Student Spotlight - Sarah B - Artists Steal

Before I started the artists steal project, my answer to this question would be that stealing is copying someone else's ideas and claiming them as your own. Now that I've done this project, I realize how wrong I was. Although copying and stealing can seem very similar, they are very different. Copying is taking a piece of someone's artwork directly to put into yours, like tracing an outline, and turning it into something creative and unique while still resembling the original piece. Stealing refers to when you take a person's artwork and claim it  and that person's ideas as your own.

For my character remix project, I combined Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents with Blossom from the Power puff Girls. I copied the main parts of Blossom's outline by tracing, like body and eyes. I also traced Timmy's mouth on the new face and attempted to make his clothes look good on the new body shape so that it would still look like him. Overall I like how it turned out and it's funny to see different cartoons I watched as a kid come together as one character.

For my final project, I made a lion out of food wrappers. Since the project was artists steal, i traced the outline of Simba from the Lion King as the base for my artwork. Then i collected a LOT of wrappers that were orange, red, and black to use on his body. I painted on his eyes, nose, and mouth to  make him look more like the real thing. The idea behind this artwork was a pun or play on words. He was a lion made out of food, so he was a food lion. ha. Like the store. I really enjoyed making this project and it turned out just how I wanted it to.

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