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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Artists Steal

by Melissa Purtee

Unit 2 is off to a great start. The theme for this one is "Artists Steal", inspired by the concept that few ideas are truly original. Instead, they are re-purposed and re-imagined.

We started with some color theory because it's good to know that stuff. It was quick - I did a mini-lesson overview then commenced the Palette Matching Challenge. This involved giving table groups primary colors of tempera paint and a lovely selection of paint samples with the goal of creating matching colors.

The group aspect of the challenge resulted in lots of color theory conversation, which made the experience full of valuable learning even though it was short.

Next we worked on re-design in our Character Remix project. Students had to pick a character and change something fundamental about them.
Ariel + Vogue
Maleficent + Aurora 

Hipster princesses

Then  we worked on our Two in One project where students had to combine two different elements in one image. Next students will work on the unit's final project where they'll identify themes in a subject they choose and use those ideas as the basis for artwork. 
Chip bag + hot air balloon
Steam-punk light

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