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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Friday: International Bring a Scone to Art Class

Friday is International Bring a Scone to Art Class Day!!

What's That?
This is an international holiday where students all around the world bring a scone to art class.

What's A Scone?
See, this is why International Bring a Scone to Art Class Day is sooo important! It raises scone awareness.

When Is It?
Scone Day always falls on the second Friday in October. This year Scone Day falls on October 10, 2014.

How Do I Participate?
On Friday, you simply bring a scone to your art class. You can bring more than one.

Does It Matter What Flavor The Scone Is?
No, don't be silly. Any scone will do.

Where Do I Get A Scone?
There's Scones R Us, that's on 3rd. There's Sweet Low Sweet Scone, that's on 3rd. There's Sconearomma, that's on 3rd. In fact, they're all on 3rd. It's the Scone District.

Is This The First Ever Scone Day?
Certainly not! Scone Day has a long history.. view images from Scone Day 2013, or Scone Day 2012, Scone Day 2011...

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