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Friday, October 31, 2014

Artists Collaboarte: Part One

We are staring our new unit here at Apex high .. the title is Artists Collaborate. We will be exploring the different ways artists collaborate from the most basic type, like when an artist asks you to add something to their work.. to full blown collaborative projects where several artists work in a group activity. 

To kick off the unit, it just so happened that this week's Art Assignment was one of the basic types of collaborative projects. This week they presented English artist Oliver Blank who explores our sense of time and place through public installations. The assignment was about making an artwork together.

Oliver is asking people to participate by calling this number (718)395-7556 and leaving a message about: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY INSTRUCTIONS.

We couldn't help but join in the fun. here are a few of our phone calls.... 

When Netflix give out...

Darn bugs!

Baby come back..  the harmonies!

 Vincent asking Rachel if she wouldn't mind giving him back his ear

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