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Monday, January 13, 2014

Perspective: Final

The only theme given was Perspective... what that meant and how it would be interpreted was up to the students. The range of both solutions and materials varied greatly.  Here are some of the final solutions..

Anamorphosis drawing of a ballet shoes.. This was drawn while looking through her camera phone in order to create the right perspective. All the images above are of the same drawing. The only difference was the angle that the photograph was taken from.

Lou Reed in and out of perspective. This image uses the technique of localized perspective.. the image can only be viewed from one particular angle to be correct.

This student decided to create an acrylic painting of a beach house using 1 point linear perspective.

Life Is Now Here.. Life Is Nowhere .. it all depends upon your perspective. Acrylic paint on wood. Sandpaper was latter used on the background to add texture.

Another example of localized perspective.. when viewed from any other angle this work appears to be nothing more than random shapes and colors.

The I is made from pages taken from the Ayn Rand's book Anthem. The pieces had a whole cut out of the bottom which allowed the work to be illuminated. The I and the lightbulbs are all symbolism easily recognizable by anyone who has read the book.

Robbie is still working on his 5 point perspective project.....

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