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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Post 500! 75 Most Memorable Apex Art Moments!

This is the Apex HS Art 500th Post! How very exciting!

To celebrate, we asked former students to compiled a list of
 Apex Art's 75 Most Memorable Art Moments!

1. Last year a rabbit peed on someone's real fur scarf, pretty ironic.

2. There was a bottle of Elmer’s glue, a pencil, and a hot glue gun (which was plugged in and hot) sitting on the table between me and another student. Mr. Sands walked up to it, hot glued the pencil to the bottle and say, "Look, its art!"

3. Student asks "Does hot glue wash out of hair?"

4. Student- "Mr. Sands, I cut my finger, do you have a Band-Aid?"
Mr. Sands- *walks to desk, comes back and proceeds to cover student's finger in masking tape*

5. The FISHH8ME giant license tag from 2007.

6. Walking in day one, sitting down, and Mr. Sands walking in with Chick the skeleton. All he said was, "this is Chick, draw him". About five minutes later, "Oh by the way, I'm Mr. Sands and this is Art I. I hope you're in the right classroom."

7. Painting flowers on your jeep with Paige and Yassee.

8. The time certain art history students wrapped your Jeep in orange paper. We were so inspired by The Gates.

9. You gave us spoiled milk!!

10. Hannah and Jaida gelled Sands hair... and we have pictures to prove it!

11. In Art History. Someone somehow snuck in bohemian rhapsody lyrics into the discussion and then students trickled in until the entire room joined in as we belted Queen in perfect unison. it was magical

12. When Devin crawled into art 3 late while Ms Brokke gave a demo
Katie, YES, I remember he used me as a human shield.

13. Yassee, I used to harmonize with the squeaky faucets

14. YES, GIZMO!!!! And we still won first place!!!

15. Making squirraffes in Computer Art & Animation.

16. Oh yeah, I remember pretending like I was in Computer Art & Animation.

17. Katie, When me Caroline and Alex gave Sands a bee in a box and he opened it and it flew all over the room.

18. 70 Million

19. Nick Pitera

20. That TIME Sands cut Paige’s hair cut off and then taped it to the skeleton

21. During a fire alarm, Michael saved the flag

22. Erin Giant!!

23. Cupcake the snapping turtle

24. When the water heater broke in Pod 3 and flooded the entire building and Sands got soaked

25. Playing “Common Strike”

26. Cheddar fries poster

27. Amanda opens the door and yells, “Bears!” and it’s Mr Sergent.

28. The drill came through wall of the computer lab and hits the whiteboard when they were installing the digital sign in the courtyard

29. Sudkamp got fake proposed to by a student during their land art projects.

30. She also got stopped for hall passes

31. Plastic wrapping everything is Mason’s book bag and everything on Sudkamp’s desk

32. Getting bleach in Tyler’s eye

33. The Bunnies!

34. Getting squirted in the face with the water gun for talking

35. Are you crying?? There’s no crying in Art!

36. Sudkamp hula hooping

37. There were goldfish in a vodka bottle

38. Go Big or Go Home!

39. Post it notes facial features for the yearbook photo

40. Cup Project Fail!!

41. The sink is clogged… again!

42. International Bring A Scone to Art Class Day

43. Hand turkey contest

44. Bob Ross

45. Spray painting the trailer

46. Trying to make #sands trend

47. “Get off that wrecking ball and make some Christmas music.”

48. Someone took the skeleton Chick for a ride in their car

49. Nicholas Sparks is like Mexican food.. Same stuff, different shell

50. Singing: “Turtle, turtle, turtle…”

51. Painting your arms 

52. Colored pencils in the microwave

53. Covering the entire table in paint

54. Breaking the slab roller

55. The C Building is on fire… kiln

56. The Barbie dolls in the art room

57. Keith Haring cake

58. Dumpster diving

59. Stacking cups into a pyramid

60. Happy little clouds

61. Tippy tappy trees

62. Stalker photos

63. Andy Warhol eating a cheese burger

64. Makes great lunches

65. “And to the republic, for which I’m standing…”

66. Scones R Us, that’s on Third. Sweet Low Sweet Scone, that’s on Third… in fact their all on Third. The Scone district.

67. The turtles dead! Oh, wait. No it’s not. It’s ok.

68. Mean Girls

69. Squeaky Shoes

70. No Bad Babies!

71. Triple L, Lady Like Language

72. When Sands explains something and doesn’t have paper so he draws on the table.

73. Knowing everyone’s birthday cause they smell like cake

74. the Art Awards

75. “With liberty and justice for all… even you guys.”



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