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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3D Scale/Proportion: Final (part 1)

The Art Two class was challenged with creating a 3D work of art that incorporated either proportion or scale. The medium was left open however, they were giving a theme of "Questionable". 

Here's a look at some of the works that are already finished.. more to come.. You can also see the works in progress here.

We had two wax hands created for this project but each followed a different process. This first one was created by creating a mold of the student's hand using clay. The wax was then melted and poured into the mold. 

Different materials that were caught in the wax created a unique texture.

The second hand was carved from a solid block of wax that contained a metal skeleton wrapped in twine. This allowed the project to be burned like a candle.

As the wax melted, the wire skeleton was revealed.

Since the theme was "questionable" this work represents a "fish story" about the one that got away. 

Certain books can be removed from the piece which in turn, reduces the size of the fish.. and the story.

A Mobius strip is a surface that contains only one side.

This modern take on the Mobius strip includes metal, robot-like insects doomed to walk the strip forever.

This fish bowl contains a plethora of tropical fish sculpted, painted and now swimming, submerged in water.

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