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Friday, August 31, 2012

Spray Paint Alternatives

Everyone loves a good stencil but lets be honest, not everyone loves spray paint. So here at the Apex Institute for Spray Paint Alternatives, we are exploring other stencil creating options.

Option One: Sunlight
At the end of last year, we covered a large sheet of black paper with a stencil. Then we hung the paper on the window so the summer sun could shine down on it all day long...

This morning, we took the paper off the wall, removed the stencil and ... behold! Sunlight Stencil! The sun faded the black paper where it was exposed, but kept the dark color where it was covered. On the down side, this took slightly longer to create than spray paint but it was still cool!

Option Two: Birdseed
A bag of top soil, a stencil and some birdseed and you're ready to go. Here you see a frame filled with dirt.

Next, we placed our stencil on top of the top soil. 

We sprinkled birdseed on top of the stencil. Now all we have to do is water and wait.

Stayed Tuned!

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