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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drawing Cupcake

Today, in Art One we drew Cupcake. This is Cupcake. She is a snapping turtle and one of several turtles we drew in class today.


We set up 5 drawing excursions and the students switched tables every 12 minutes.
When it was time to switch tables we played Switch by Will Smith.
Turn around now...

At table one we drew Cupcake. At table two we drew bugs. Please don't open the cases or the Africanized killer bees will fly out.

Table three had shells and a lobster. Table four had more turtles and table five had pinecones.

One of the drawings of Cupcake and a butterfly.

Drawing the other turtles. These turtles are un-named.

Another sketch of Cupcake.

A shell from table three.

Are we watching Cupcake or is Cupcake watching we?

Stuck at the stinky pinecone table while everyone else is drawing turtles :(

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  1. I love that you played Switch by Will Smith when it was time to move tables! I'm sure my students would love that!


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