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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Street Art 101" at the NCMA

Today was day one of the week long Street Art workshop at the NC Museum of Art with your host, Ian Sands. We kicked off the event by creating a drawing on a Post-it Note that represented us. Then we practiced the art of stealthily hanging our art in the Museum. 

"Stealthily", so as to not get caught... "in the museum" cause everyone should have a piece of art hanging in the museum... don't you agree? The piece above is affixed to the window overlooking the park.

Armed and ready. Here are the ingredients for our street art. The usual art supplies you'd find in any decent art supply store.. spray paint, paper cups, Post-it Notes, etc...

So what's on the agenda? Well, we plan to do a little cup rocking. You know, making graffiti in fences using cups. The museum has lots of fences and we have lots of cups. it's a marriage made in Heaven. 

And by planning, I mean planning. Here we are using printouts of what a fence looks like and drawing in the cups with magic markers.

A few of the plans in the works..

We even planned out how many cups we would need. This is a mustache ... or cupstache!

We also plan on creating a masking tape mural, a Post-It Note mural, some sidewalk art and of course... what Street Art workshop would be complete without.... spray paint stencils! 

So there was a lot of planning today. Everyone was working on something.

Check back tomorrow to view our progress!

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