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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anamorphosis 3D Street Art

Today, a few students from the Art One class took the grid map that one of the Computer Art students had made to create 3D street art. This tasked proved more challenging than it appears.

First, it was cold outside and the sun hadn't yet made it over the top of the building. Second, it is had to draw a cube that isn't a cube so it looks like a cube but only from one perspective. However, I think we learned a lot from this attempt and those lessons learned will help us with future attempts.

From this angle the cube should look correct and slightly 3D... and it does though I was not in the right spot when I took this photos so the cube looks rather squished.

However, from the other angle you can see how long and drawn out the drawing really is.

The sun was on the screen so I couldn't really see how the photos I was taking were coming out. Tomorrow, I'll take a few more earlier in the day before the sun come over and I bet they will look pretty cool and less squished. :)

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