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Sunday, March 4, 2012

NAEA12 : The Trip

This is a quick look into a day in the life of an NAEA12 guy..

I get up every morning from alarm clock's warning take the 6:15 into the city..

Well, right out of the box, went to a conference and Craig Roland is there stalking me. He was all like, "Ian take our picture, take our picture." You know how he gets all excited like that.

I also went to this girl's session. I don't know who she is but she seemed nice. She kept pushing me to put my student's artwork on the web. Like that will ever happen!

I guess all the travel makes some people sick. I felt bad for whomever it was that threw up all over this wall. Look how much he threw up!

I think Bob Dylan took this painting (or one like it) from Andy Warhol as payment after Dylan did a screen test for Andy. I heard he later traded it for a sofa.

The next day I went to the tweet up at Starbucks and met with the lovely people from Davis. That is Nancy Walkup checking to see if I have tweeted her.

Samantha Melvin won some award for being great. I thought she should have gotten a tiara.

Robb Sandagata begging Amy Bonner to come to TASK

Robb Sandagata begging me to come to TASK

Picasso was a jerk!

the end

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  1. Poor Robb... I hope a ton of people went to TASK! The tweetup was one of the highlights for me if only to realize that craigr is not in fact a cartoon head floating on a yellow background.


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