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Friday, March 23, 2012

Kite Day 2012

Despite weather conditions not being ideal for kite flying, our team set out to conquer the air. Today was our day. Art History Kite Day 2012!

We left the trailer and headed down a short cut through the woods to the lower field.

Since we've had so much rain, the creak was particularly high making crossing somewhat of a challenge.

I thought placing a large log across the creak might make crossing easier.

Mitch though otherwise.

Eventually we all arrived safely at the lower field. There was Van Gogh's Starry Night...

Matisse was ready to fly...

As was my personal favorite, the Zonkey Kite (automatic 100).

But let me tell you the tale of the Sponge Bob/Warhol kite.

The story starts out as most all kites do..

with drawing and a lot of time and effort painting to get it just so...

The proud team enters the field, ready to take command of the sky..

But like Romeo and Juliet, the story ends in tragedy!

All in all it was a successful day of little flying, even less art history knowledge, and a lot of wet feet.


  1. I love these kites! and poor Warhol/SpongeBob! What are they made of?

  2. We made them out of wooden dowels and bulletin board paper.. However, the students recommended we try making them out of plastic bags next time

  3. these are some lucky students ,what a fabulous art program!


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