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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's in your Locker?

After an entire unit exploring space (perspective, forced perspective, positive and negative space, stencils, etc) we decided to close out the unit wit ha look at installation art. What do installation artists do? Well, they take a pre-existing space and change it using their artist abilities. 

As crowded as Apex has been, there are some spaces that are simply underutilized. In particular the lockers. In a school as large as ours, it's just not practical for students to stash their books in a locker. Not when their other classes are on the other side of campus. So the lockers remain empty. empty, until this week.

Assignment: You have a locker and it is a space. Change the space. Create an installation in a locker. here are some of the results...


the theme is Meme!

Above: Close up of the Nightmare

The Nightmare: Person in bed below dreams of nightmare above.

In progress, the Balloon Ride

The Asylum

The bottom scene of a two part locker: Heaven and Hell

the Volcano

A take on the short clip: the Maker

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