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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Emphasizing the Elements Part 2

Here are some examples from our first project, Emphasize the Element. Since this was a first piece, we decided to keep it simple. The only requirement was to pick an element to emphasize. Beyond that, the subject and media was open. We did suggest the artists select a media that they were familiar with. 

Emphasis on value, Audry Hepburn in charcoal pencil

Emphasis on color and movement using dance. 
The dancers dipped their hands and feet in paint as they danced
watch the video below

Video projected on the sheet that the dancers created

Color and shape. Cut paint color samples.

Shape with particular interest how spontaneous shapes can resemble representational one.

Line and value using chalk pastels on wood

Color and shape using watercolor

Color and text to emphasize meaning

Originally line but later evolved into using color. Pastel on wood.

Line. Watercolor and pen and ink.

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