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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Locker Project: Part 1

What's in Your Locker?

Our first unit in Art One is Artists Explore Space. We made a few trips to the hall and learned about 1 and 2 point linear perspective. We took to the streets with our cameras in hand for a little forced perspective action. next, we explore positive and negative space by creating stencils.. here are some in the process...

For our final space project, we took another field trip to the hall. There we peeked inside the space of the empty lockers. We talked a bit about installation art had how artists change the space of an area. We looked at the work of artists like Tara Donavan and even Banksy's Dismaland.

We wondered what we might do if we could change the inside space of the lockers? Create our own installations behind the metal doors? Let's do it!

Messurign the lockers to see how much material will be necessary for the background.

This locker is going to be Heaven.. can you guess what the locker directly below will be?

Creating props for this locker project includes plaster casts of hands.

Creating props for the skateboard locker.

That cute little bunny is about to become creepy.


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