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Friday, October 19, 2012

Stencils... But First

 Hammering, sawing, cutting, projecting, gluing, collaging... is collaging a word? All at the same time and all in n effort to get to the point where we can spray paint our stencils... Here, I'll show you what I mean...

We are making our own frames so one of the steps is to cut the wood. Sawing away... each stick of 2x2 wood can be cut into a 22 x 26 inch frame.

Meanwhile, some students are projecting what will be their stencils. Projection to get it a little bigger...

After projecting onto tag board, comes the cutting. An X-acto blade makes a nice tool for cutting out the negative space.

Can't project because the projectors are in use? No problem! Let's add some texture to the place where I'll stencil will go. Newspaper and old art books make a nice backdrop.. Rip, cut and paste.

Like this..

Well, what about some contrasting color? Watercolor and printing ink work well cause you can adjust the water to adjust the opacity.. nice to see some of the text and images from the underlying surface.


You know what would be cool? If we added some texture by spray painting through lace and cloth...

See, I told you that would look cool!

Ok, come back next week and we'll finally get to the stencils!

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