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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sketchbook Pro on the iPad

This is our third time back on the ipads but our first time using Sketchbook Pro. The other two times we explored the app Layers and learned how to use the different brushes as well as gain an understanding of using different layers.

Today, we went through a three step process. The first step was to use large brushes, with low opacity to create a background layer. 

Next, we used crisp, small pencils to sketch texture into a second layer. We also changed the mode on this layer from normal to screen or multiply. 

On the last layer we used all different types of brushes to block either a landmark or architectural structure.

The entire process served three purposes. 1. Get everyone aquatinted with Sketchbook Pro. 2. Get everyone accustom to using multi-layers to build up a digital painting. 3. To prepare them for our next project... spray paint stenciling 

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