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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cup Portraits

So I had this idea that we could create portraits by putting cups in the fence. In my head this seemed like a neat, fun and simply project to do. Boy was I wrong...

It started out alright. We create maps by coloring in fence templates in Photoshop. the idea, wherever there was a black mark colored in, we would place a cup..

Then we hit the snags.. To start with, vines and weeds had grown up around the fence. It took a while to clear the bush and shrubs and pull the vines out of the fence.

Next issue was the weather. Rain, rain, rain. The ground was saturated. We put down cardboard to go through the mud but it wasn't much help.

Also didn't realize how much cups weigh!

just kidding, but we did need more cups than I had. Somebody please go to the store and buy more cups.

Finally today the sun came out and it warmed up a bit.
Most groups have started work.

This portrait is Darth Vader.

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