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Friday, September 7, 2012

Shadow Art

Did your teacher ever give you a box of junk and a strong light source and tell you to make some art? I'm sure he or she did. It happens all the time. In fact, it happened today in Sands Art One class. Here are the results...

They create a giant monster and...

The monster is looming over a small child's bed. Scary!

I like this tree. it is part of...

This recreation of the movie poster for E.T.

Cool how the bottles taped together make ET and the boy on the bike.

They are making an amusement park including..

A rollercoaster and a ferris wheel.

This bird is flying in the sky of clouds.

Working on a water scene.

We didn't start the fire. Incorporating a little Photoshop and projecting it on the wall.

A B movie about a guy walking a plank...

Aliens abducting an innocent victim.

Space, the final frontier... and the final shadow art of the day.

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